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Iida-Mizuhiki Awaji-hiraume-ami keyring

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This Mizuhiki, which uses the indigo color of the Tokyo 2020 Games, has been made into a key chain using Awaji and Ume knots. This product with pre tied knots is in a form that can fully demonstrate the unique characteristics of Mizuhiki.

Furthermore, Mizuhiki is often used for celebrations, and this Awaji knot is a generally accepted and favored knot that can be used for any kind of event.

*Please note that the color and texture of the product displayed may look different from the actual color.
Materials: Polygonum filiforme ("Mizuhiki"), metal
Size: W2.5×H7.5×D0.5cm
Made in: Japan

JAN/ISBN: 4580614811620

Variation of This Product
Tokyo 2020 Olympic
3,300 Tax Included
Pre-order Item
Tokyo 2020 Olympic
3,300 Tax Included
Pre-order Item
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