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  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Team Japan Official Support Items: Team Red Collection. A kids size Team Red T-shirt for dying the arena red.
    The main color used is the vivid "sunrise red" that gives you the impression of the strength of the rising sun in the morning. The "Japan" logo uses an original font newly created for this.
    The "Japan Team Key Graphic" spread over its entirety represents Japan's time honored "origata" and "combining colors created by layering garments," combining various elements such as large and small dots and lines, and five shades of red, producing a graphic that represents diversity.
    For this clothing that links Japan together, there is only one of each of them in the world. Each of them is cut out one by one from a series of design patterns. Also, on the left side of the T-shirt is a series of numbers (Red ID) that are on the Team Japan uniforms, representing that the athletes and supporters are all part of a single team. The RED IDs are registered on a specially designed website, allowing you to enjoy Tokyo 2020 even more.
    The material used absorbs sweat and is quick to dry. By using recycled polyester, it is also made from craftsmanship that takes the environment into consideration.

    Let's wear a Team Red T-shirt and cheer on Team Japan! 2034A519.600

    *For the design, the position of the pattern will differ for each item. You cannot choose a pattern because of a characteristic with the item, so please understand that in advance.
    *The ID number will differ depending on the item. You cannot choose an ID because of a characteristic with the item, so please understand that in advance.
    Material: 100% Polyester
    Size: [120 size] Height 115-125 cm, Chest 57-63 cm, Waist 51-57 cm [130 size] Height 125-135 cm, Chest 61-67 cm, Waist 53-59 cm [140 size] Height 135-145 cm, Chest 65-72 cm, Waist 54-62 cm [150 size] Height 145-155 cm, Chest 70-78 cm, Waist 58-66 cm

    JAN/ISBN: 4550153061411 ~ 4550153061442

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    3,300 Tax Included
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    ¥3,300 Tax Included
    ¥3,300 Tax Included
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    ¥3,300 Tax Included
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