Ladies GEL-QUANTUM 360 TYO shoes

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    Official sportswear replica products of Japanese Tokyo 2020 Olympics athletes.
    The concept is JAPONISM. Asics have collected together their technology and ideas to make items that show the strength of the athletes and so that the athletes themselves as representatives of Japan can wear them with pride.
    A colorful sunrise red was chosen as the main color with the image of the strength of the rising sun in mind.
    The "JAPAN TEAM Key Graphic" printed on the insole expresses ancient Japanese origami and combination of layering colors and is a graphic that expresses diversity with its large and small dots and lines, five types of red, and combination of various elements. In addition, the "JAPAN" logo was made using a new, original font.
    The upper portion uses mesh materials, is lightweight, and has good breathability. With gel around the soles, there is a feeling of cushioning around the entire shoe. The reinforced trastick in the midsole provides added security to one's foot movements and provides a toughness to the midsole area to help reduce the risk of torsion in this area. The opening of the shoes are also designed to be easy to put on and take off.
    The midsole is made using plant-based materials, making it kinder to the environment than other shoes.
    Material: (Upper) synthetic fiber/artificial leather (Outer sole) Rubber

    JAN/ISBN: 4550153339114 ~ 4550153339152

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