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Yamanaka lacquer tumbler

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Yamanaka lacquer ware is one of the traditional styles of crafts representative of Kaga (in Ishikawa prefecture). Breaking apart from traditional production methods, the modern methods of producing lacquer ware have been developed to create products with more durability that does not solely rely on the strength of wood. This brings simpler maintenance of lacquer ware and the use of plastics allows a wider range of shapes and colours.tumblers that are very light and easy to hold. A tumbler mug featuring a circular design invoking the feeling of Japan. Can be stacked for easy storage and conveniently carried around.

※ Not suitable for direct-heat, microwave, dishwasher, dishdryer, oven or grill.

Material: ABS resin, Coating: Urethane coat

Made in Japan

Size: 78 diameter x 120mm height

Capacity: 280ml

Red and Navy Set

JAN/ISBN: 4589780330331

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Chugoku: ¥918 (Tax included)
Shikoku: ¥1,026 (Tax included)
Hokkaido and Kyushu: ¥1,134 (Tax included)
Okinawa: ¥1,706 (Tax included)

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