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Kid's Nightwear (Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Mascot)

¥3,300 Tax included
  • This is a children's pajama featuring the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics mascot design. It uses breathable, good quality material, and it is highly recommended for use during the spring and summer.
    It's an invigorating pink color that can be worn by boys and girls. A wide range of sizes are available from 100~160 cm, so older and younger siblings can wear matching sets.
    Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
    Sizes: [100cm] Upper garment 72cm, Length 39cm Lower garment) Inseam14cm [110cm] Upper garment) Chest 76cm, Length 43cm lower garment) Inseam15cm [120cm] Upper garment) Chest 80cm, Length 47cm Lower garment) Inseam16cm [130cm] Upper garment) 84cm chest, 51cm length lower garment) Inseam17cm [140cm] Upper garment) 88cm chest length, 55cm lower garment) Inseam18cm [150cm] Upper garment) 94cm chest length, 59cm lower garment) Inseam19cm [160cm] Upper garment) 100cm chest circumference Length 63cm underwear) Inseam 20cm

    JAN/ISBN: 4953938542516 ~ 4953938542578

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