Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Tokyo 2020 Paralympic

D&I fingerspelling Tshirt Jr.size red

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  • Presenting TOKYO2020 with fingerspelling design
    This T-shirt, which is produced in Japan, features an emblem of the name on its sleeve and embroidery in the colors of the paralympics—red, blue, and green—around this emblem.
    The embroidery is done with great care piece by piece in workshops employing people with disabilities. Colors: red/blue

    ※D&I (=Diversity&Inclusion)
    D&I is short for diversity and inclusion.
    Diversity stands for “variety” and “differences between individuals”, and inclusion stands for “including and embracing people”, “acceptance”, and “putting abilities to good use”.
    In the spirit of the TOKYO2020 Games’ motto ”Know Differences, Show Differences”, we respect ”diversity” and realize ”inclusion” of different values and abilities, which will lead to innovation and to people gaining new values. Through this, we strive to make these Games an event that everyone can enjoy from the bottom of their hearts.
    Material: Cotton
    Size; [130] width 39cm length 51cm [150] width 44cm length 61cm
    Country of manufacture: Japan

    JAN/ISBN: 4546717022554 ~ 4546717022561

    Shipping Fee・Shipping Time
    Shipping fee(Normal)
    Southern Tohoku, Kanto, Shin'etsu, Chubu, and Hokuriku: ¥664 (Tax included)
    Northern Tohoku and Kansai: ¥810 (Tax included)
    Chugoku: ¥918 (Tax included)
    Shikoku: ¥1,026 (Tax included)
    Hokkaido and Kyushu: ¥1,134 (Tax included)
    Okinawa: ¥1,706 (Tax included)

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    Tokyo 2020 Paralympic
    4,968 include Tax
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