Tokyo 2020 Olympic Tokyo 2020 Olympic

Kids Mascot Long-sleeved T-shirt (White)

¥3,002 Tax included
  • A raglan T-shirt with a colour design on the sleeves and collar, featuring a large mascot printed on the chest. Made from 100% cotton; can be worn as casual townwear. ※ This is a unisex product.
    Material: 100% cotton

    【100】Length 15.7in (40cm) Width 12.6in (32cm)
    【110】Length 17.1in (43.5cm) Width 13.4in (34cm)
    【120】Length 18.5in (47cm) Width 14.2in (36cm)
    【130】Length 19.9in (50.5cm) Width 15in (38cm)
    【140】Length 21.3in (54cm) Width 15.7in (40cm)
    【150】Length 22.6in (57.5cm) Width 16.5in (42cm)
    【160】 Length 24in (61cm) Width 17.3in (44cm)

    Made in China

    JAN/ISBN: 4943655704076 ~ 4943655704137

    Shipping Fee・Shipping Time
    Shipping fee(Normal)
    Southern Tohoku, Kanto, Shin'etsu, Chubu, and Hokuriku: ¥664 (Tax included)
    Northern Tohoku and Kansai: ¥810 (Tax included)
    Chugoku: ¥918 (Tax included)
    Shikoku: ¥1,026 (Tax included)
    Hokkaido and Kyushu: ¥1,134 (Tax included)
    Okinawa: ¥1,706 (Tax included)

    Variation of This Product
    Tokyo 2020 Paralympic
    3,002 include Tax
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