Plastic jumbo fan

¥756 Tax included

This impressively large fan creates an equally impressive breeze when used, cooling you even greater. The slogan "Ganbarre Nippon" ("Go Japan!") is featured prominently in the design.Materials: PP, Paper

Size: H 420mm x W 295mm

Made in Japan

JAN/ISBN: 4560457737691

Shipping Fee・Shipping Time
Shipping fee(Normal)
Southern Tohoku, Kanto, Shin'etsu, Chubu, and Hokuriku: ¥664 (Tax included)
Northern Tohoku and Kansai: ¥810 (Tax included)
Chugoku: ¥918 (Tax included)
Shikoku: ¥1,026 (Tax included)
Hokkaido and Kyushu: ¥1,134 (Tax included)
Okinawa: ¥1,706 (Tax included)

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