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[Further Reduction] Tokyo 2020 Special Thanks Sale

Thank you very much for visiting the Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop.

From 9am Friday 1st October, we started a final sale up to 50% off the normal price of selected items.
There are also products that are sold at normal price. Please check the reduced price and rate before purchasing.
*Discount products and rates may differ from the physical shops.
*More discount products may be added after the start of the final sale.
*Since the discount rate is based on the price before taxation, you may find the discount rates for some prices are less than the indicated percentage.

There may be some delays in delivery due to concentrated orders during the sale period. Please place your order quickly if you wish to purchase sale products.

Defective products
Regardless of the normal priced or discount price products, no change, cancelation, or exchange request is accepted after order confirmation. However, as for any defective products, we will refund or exchange if we receive such request within 7 days after the delivery of purchased products. Please note, we can only refund if the defective products cannot be exchanged due to discontinued production.